We offer consulting services in the areas of Project Management, Enterprise Solutions, IT Integration and Product Lifecycle Management. Our consulting services span domains for organizations with a special emphasis on small and medium businesses.


    Successful project delivery depends on a strong and robust Project Management. Our consulting experience banks on our experience in successful project delivery of our consultants.


    IT solutions that span the enterprise with enterprise software often play a crucial role in developing a strong synergy within the organization. We have extensive experience to enterprise level software within the Enterprise Resource Platforms, Supply Chain Management & Customer Relationship Management implementations domains.


    Over time as organization grow, the issue of disparate IT systems in different parts of the organization often limits the intra-organizational efficiency in information exchange. IT integration in such cases allows to bring a consistent view of data and systems within and organization. Similar hurdles are experienced when different organizations try to interact at the IT systems level. Leveraging technologies such as SOA & web services, IT integration is a must to provide a consolidated environment for the interacting organizations to utilize.


    Product based industries, employ sophisticated control systems to regulate and control the product development process. We help map your product lifecycle process to software implementations such as eMatrix and Agile. From New Product Development to established products we understand the requirements of the entire product development lifecycle.